Setting clan tag on the in game scoreboard for CSGO

Discussion in 'Clan Information' started by rickybobby, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    If some of you all are wondering how to get our clan tag into the tag part of the scoreboard here is how.
    First you must join our steam community group
    Then you must set it as your primary group.
    Open Steam then click COMMUNITY up at the top then click PROFILE.
    On the side you will see GROUPS. Click that.
    At the top you will see CHANGE PRIMARY GROUP. Click that and select THO Clan from the dropdown list.
    Now you can do the rest 1 of 2 ways. In console you can put in this command.
    cl_clanid 4005603

    The second way is go into the game. and click HELP & SETTINGS, then go to GAME SETTINGS. Then on the 3rd line down it says TEAM TAG(FROM STEAM GROUP). Click through untill it says THO.
  2. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Done. Thanks!
  3. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    This is not required by the way.