Rules and Regulations

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    General Rules.
    No Cheating
    If you want to complain about someone in the clan you must have solid proof.(Demos, Screenshots, message logs, etc) otherwise we will not take it seriously.
    Do not wear the THO tag at all. This is considered immitating a clan member.

    Website Rules.
    No exploiting or DDoS attacks.(We take this seriously. You will get arrested)
    Please dont post using text speak or anything else that makes it harder to read.
    Post with respect.
    No spamming
    No advertising without permission.
    You are not a moderator. If you see something wrong please report it to us and we will handle it.
    Do not post pornographic images or links outside of the appropriate section(There currently is no section)
    No posting or promoting your website or a website your affiliated with without permission.
    One account per person

    Member Rules.
    No Cheating
    All bans must have proof. If proof doesnt exist then it will not stick. (Proof=demo, screenshot, chatlog, other members vouching)
    No admin abuse (If the parties involved are having fun then this is laxed.)
    Tag must be worn at all times.
    You must be loyal to THO and THO only. No mutli-clan.
    Contribute in any way that you can.

    Server Rules.
    All rule breakage will result in action taken by admin. (Slap, kick, temp ban, ban offense escalation)
    No excessive HLSS
    No mic spamming
    No cheating
    No exploiting
    Respect admins and you will be respected back
    No Racism or sexism
    No recruitment of players for other clans or servers
    No raging/ranting/bitchin/moaning
    No Pornographic or offensive material
    Use proper rates. (rate 128000, cl_cmdrate 128, cl_updaterate 128)
    Dont shoot people down then knife on gungame servers.
    You must vote for knife fights on servers that have it.
  2. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Shoot/knife is ok on Vanilla Server.