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    There has been a flux of new registrations here on the forums lately. It seems the word is spreading quickly because im not advertising that THO is back and i had hoped to have all the pertinant information posted up by now but we are all still streamlining those things. Most of you we already know and this post is for those of you who are familiar with THO already.

    Yes THO is in fact back. Things are different however. Alot happened at the end and to be honest nobody was happy before which is why i just shut it down. I had alot of people tell me that they miss the good ole days with some even saying that THO changed their life. This is what interested me in bringing it back but ill try to keep this on the short side.

    We are focused on fun now. This is something I lost track of before. This is our primary mission now.
    Membership is different. We havent finalized this yet but we will not be doing the old way of applications.
    Grudges... Some of you may have grudges against THO or me personally. If you feel you are one of those people then i wish you would talk to me because i am not holding any grudges. I dont want people talking negatively about me or THO if possible. If you feel you cannot let it go then thats fine and im sorry for what i have done.
    We are moving away from CS:Source and to CS:GO only. We have servers up already.

    If you have any questions you can post up here or contact me or one of the other clan members directly.

    <3 Rickycakes
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    WHORE.... :) welcome back guys