Need Ricky's help with details for the server

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  1. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Hey Ricky,

    I need some help with a few things:
    1. I want FF = On. FF is set to on in csgo/cfg/gamemode_casual_server.cfg and csgo/cfg/server.cfg, but server is still FF=off. What am I missing?
    2. I want Team Collision on. It is set to on in csgo/cfg/gamemode_casual_server.cfg and csgo/cfg/server.cfg and working. However server entry page says it is off. How do I fix?
    3. Rounds is set to 30 and is functioning as such. Server entry page says 15. How do I fix?
  2. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    What is server entry page?
  3. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Maybe it is called something else. It is what you see when you are waiting for connection.
  4. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    Console? MOTD?
  5. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Just log on the server and you will see. It is the screen that you click on "Continue".
  6. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    Thanks for the help FF is ON! It was the damage reduction. It needs to be other than zero.
  7. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    I still think they should take the settings from the server in the map load page instead of assuming it is base casual.
  8. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    Its a general shockwave flash image. There is one for each mode and the settings are listed for the default for that mode. Once you run custom maps that stuff doesnt show up.