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Discussion in 'Clan Information' started by screwtherhino, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. screwtherhino THO | Clan Administrator

    Me and Ricky have had a small discussion about the state of issues surrounding the web server. Since I've moved to an enterprise Linux role in my profession and away from Windows, I've considered buying and building a Linux web server to host here at home that should provide less issues than we have currently been experiencing . I'm looking for thoughts or suggestions. So if you guys would like to do this, eventually it could cut down on hosting costs, etc. Please let me know. Ricky, if you have anything to add here, let me know. So far this is a theoretical thing and not moved into the purchasing/provisioning arena.
  2. KillerJonesy New Member

    keeping costs low is fine by me :D
  3. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    It all depends on the hardware for what it would be used for. It could possibly lead to us hosting our gameservers off of it. I would like to give the hosting company a chance to line out the issues first though. They did a huge changeover and are still working the kinks out.
  4. Stone THO | Clan Administrator

    I am OK with giving them a chance. I assume it would be a boat load of work to get things running again if we change direction. That being said, the performance if the game servers was not great last night. Not sure if that is provider or that they just need to be restarted.
  5. screwtherhino THO | Clan Administrator

    Well just remember, I'm smarter than those morons. LOL
  6. rickybobby 2 smokes lets go

    Its no more work then we did previously when we rented a dedicated server from colostore back in the day. The main issue i have with our current provider is i cannot update the servers. I have to put in a ticket for them to do it because of how steam did it. They are a strictly managed solution so i dont have the choice of remoting into the server and doing it either. When we rented the DS from colostore we had the best performing servers ive ever been on honestly. Ive seen the server rhino is looking at and it would have no problem handling the tasks. Im not trying to persuade anyone just trying to shine light in the dark areas so to speak.

    If there is server issues then please make a post in the thread for each issue in the forum for that server so i am notified that there is an issue and can look into it.