Gameserver Hardware Upgrades & IP Changes

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    Greetings Valued Customers!
    We're writing to inform you of some exciting new changes coming to End of Reality and our performance hosting offerings!

    We will be performing the following upgrades in the USA:
    -100% New Hardware (All Game, Voice and VDS Servers will enjoy - E3-1270v2 @3.5ghz, 32gb DDR3 ECC with 100% SSD Storage!!!)
    -Network Level DDoS Protection (A new networking infrastructure giving us the ability to mitigate attacks rapidly, and effectively.)

    What these changes mean for you (READ ENTIRELY):

    -Drastically increased I/O Disk Performance and CPU Speeds
    For starters, we'll be upgrading every single peice of hardware we have to new state of the art, industry leading machines - including incredible performing processors and memory. NO system will run on anything lower than a 3.5Ghz processor and insanely fast DDR3 ECC memory. But we didn't want to stop there; every machine we host services on will now run on SSD based hard drives to add even more blazing fast speed and response times. We are also using this opportunity to extend and rebuild our back end productions to ensure a quicker and more responsive infrastructure that will provide nothing less than the fastest behind the scenes actions which no other company can provide.

    -Advanced DDoS protection for all of your services
    Our new network environment will allow us to rapidly mitigate attacks faster than ever, and sometimes you won't even feel an attack because they can be mitigated and absorbed by our network automatically! For large scale attacks we have 24/7 monitoring to provide almost instant mitigation from our tier 1 upstream network carriers.

    All customers need to know that with these improvements will be some adverse affects that we know customers hate to hear, especially some that have been with us for awhile and have gone through previous migrations and upgrades. We will be moving to all new machines and because of that maintaining our existing IP addresses will be something we won't be able to do at all. We sincerly appologize as this is the biggest change that will be happening, however, we will be leaving all old servers online for an entire week to allow public servers, especially those on games that aren't BF3/MoHW that depend heavily on IP addresses to inform and update all of their regulars to the change in IP.
    BF3 & MOHW Servers - These servers cannot be ran side by side as duplicates and thus we'll be moving them as they're empty. We will make our best effort to identify customers who have procon with us so that we may update their procon information. Please note as a BF3/MoHW server, you will not lose your listing in battlelog as it does not attach to your IP address at all but rather a unique ID that will be maintained when your server is moved. You will, however, need to update your entry in gametracker. Sadly we have no control over gametracker as it is a subsidiary of We will also be providing updated DNS/IP addresses for all procon clients.
    Voice Servers - Customers running voice servers will not see any change as most should already be using our DNS names (ex. which will be maintained. For those using the IP address, you will need to update your entries to the new IP's.
    OpenVZ VPS Servers - For all of our clients running our OpenVZ VPS services, we will be creating a new VPS server for you within the new infrastructure for which you will recieve a new welcome email. There will be an overlap period of 1 week where you can migrate all of your data to your new VPS, and your old VPS will remain online. We can also perform this migration for you for a one time cost of $5 USD. Simply send in a support ticket at: with your migration request.
    Old VPS Panel:
    New VPS Panel:

    We believe in nothing more than investing back in our products and services, thus we want all customers to know this is exactly what we're doing with change. In time hardware gets dated, companies expand and most of all we owe a debt to each and every customer to do our best in providing the mandatory needs to make not only our company better, faster and stronger, but also a drive for you, our customer's success!
    We invite all customers that have any questions or concerns to send in a ticket with us and our staff will be more than happy to address each and every ticket as promptly as possible at:
    We appreciate your time in taking to read this message and look forward to continuing in bringing you the best possible service and support!

    The EOR Team :)
    End of Reality LLC
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    Sweet! Looking forward to this! I didn't see any timeframes. Have they communicated that yet?
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    Chicago will be done at the end of the week. The SSDs used are Intel 520 Cherryville 480GB SSDs.

    I also had a discussion with him about Boosting Server FPS. :)
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    Drool... :p We will be smokin! Let me know when I can begin work on it for the vanilla. I assume you will be handling the GG and Deathmatch. Out of curiosity, can we set up a voice server with our agreement?